Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines, Ads, etc.

Logos, Corporate Identity


Promotions, POP

Web Sites, Flash Animation

Illustration, 3D



Brochures, Catalogs: Your catalog or brochure is the complete display of all your wonderful products, services and company culture. It is the sum total of all your hard work. Over the years we have been honored by being chosen to produce a wide variety of catalogs, brochures and direct mail for individuals and as well as leading corporations. We get up close and personal. We appreciate, enjoy and respect what our clients have achieved. And it shows -- the materials we produce entice, inform and motivate with cutting-edge graphics that are second to none. We will exceed your expectations.

Magazines: If you can design and produce a magazine on time and on budget, you can do just about anything. We have done many. They all involve researching, planning, high-end design, producing a variety of effective ads, paginating, typesetting, photo retouching, interfacing with clients, models, writers & photographers. We edit and enhance, trouble shoot and supply the final art for printing. Always last minute changes -- all under extreme pressure. Our perfect creations are like our children. We nurture them and watch them grow. Tough work but very satisfying. We are very proud of them.

Advertising: This is where we put it all together. Since 1976 Westlake Advertising has developed a multitude of advertising programs and promotions. Our local, national and international advertising programs are well planned and executed entities that yield the desired result. We modify the attitudes and/or behavior of the consumer in a favorable way and build consumer awareness in all market areas. It is our calling to perform without deception, to truthfully promote our client's products and services. . . and that's beneficial to the consumer. We take pride in doing it all in the most cost effective way.

Presentation Kits: Put your best foot forward. Presentation kits hold all of your print advertising materials and samples in an organized way. There is no limit to the innovative ways to present your company and establish your brand. There are designs to suite every budget -- It's exciting. Don't let your salesman leave home without one.

Logos, Corporate Identity: What could be a more important than the graphic representation of your company. The symbol by which you will achieve your fame. It's very personal. We take special effort in interviewing you, researching your business and field. We then develop a world-class identity for your company.

Packaging: We have designed hundreds upon hundreds of packages. Innovative, creative and technical thinking goes into every package we design. Your packaging must attract, inform and then entice your target to purchase. Your packaging must stand out from the rest and embrace your fine product in an innovative yet efficient design. It must be cost effective and easy to produce. Great packaging sells products. The perfect package is a beautiful thing to behold!

Web Sites, Flash Animation: Just when everybody thought they've seen it all, along came the internet. The synthesis of the high powered message, graphics, motion, sound and programming. You can reach anyone in the world in a most cost effect way. What a wonderful thing. What a great opportunity! Our display and commerce websites are well organized, informational powerhouses that load quickly and have a long life span. With our in-house programming and high speed connection, maintenance and updating are timely and a breeze! Extend your reach further with persuasive animated FLASH and HTML presentations on disk. It can be a modified version of your web site or a completely customized presentation. Either way, a high impact tool for your sales force and the ultimate addition to your sales kit.

Illustration, 3D: At Westlake Advertising the power of custom illustration is at your complete disposal. We can illustrate any concept in a wide variety of mediums from precise technical illustrations, to cartooning, to the ultimate in 3d design. Our high quality graphics enhance your message rather than interfere. That's the point -- get your message understood in the most efficient way. We can take your graphics a step further... put them in motion. Get the ultimate impact in your presentations and online communications. Make it a "moving" experience.

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